The Devils Noose


This fictional Victorian Journal presents the absurd ramblings of scientist Professor Wraithchild, lavishly illustrated with engravings by his dubious assistant Gideon Veneer. Wraithchild’s frantic experiments with a mysterious plant species, in part an attempt to re-establish his tarnished reputation, go awry to great comic effect. Clues hidden within the visuals slowly betray an intriguing subtext. A work in the nonsense illustration genre, The Devil’s Noose is the creation of Heidi Ball.

Heidi Ball is from Cornwall, in the UK, and has a Bachelor of Science honours degree from Nottingham Trent University and a Master’s degree in Authorial Illustration from Falmouth University. Heidi won the Atlantic Press Graphic Literature Prize in 2014. She is an author and illustrator, her work drawing on nostalgic references, a little surrealism, a comedic outlook, a love of narrative illustration and a personal passion for Science Fiction.

Heidi works predominantly with found imagery and loves creating new characters from mismatching parts. She likes to balance the fun of the creations and the nostalgic references gained from the imagery, along with adding a darker twist. Heidi says, ‘I like to author and illustrate future realities, visualising them with a light surrealist warping of imagery.’

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