Literature Works review ‘On Ridgegrove Hill’.

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Aug 08, 2015

Literature Works review ‘On Ridgegrove Hill’.


Thanks to Literature Works for a beautiful review of ‘On Ridgegrove Hill’.

Nothing could have really prepared me for the way his poems sucked me in – hook, line and sinker. What a poet! I discovered fairly early on that I really loved his work; it was fresh, startling, disturbing, funny. It was like a giant river running in many different directions but never without depth and never without a sparkle of light on its surface. I’m sure my reading of his work was helped by living in Launceston, walking the same roads that he’d walked, even driving out to visit the churches he visited. It was as if I was shadowing him in some way, as if he’d laid down his own ley line that I was now able to follow. I also kept fresh flowers on his grave – as a mark of respect, an offering to his spirit. And so my connection with his work went way beyond just the words on the paper – I was living inside his house, inside his poems, I was lapping up the atmospheres he had created the way a thirsty camel might lap up water when it comes to an oasis.” – See more at


Literature Works is the strategic literature development charity for South West England. They are a National Portfolio Organisation of Arts Council England. Literature Works’ role is to fundraise for the Grassroots Literature Fund, a grant scheme providing small awards for literature activity across the region, and where possible to secure funding for larger regional projects with delivery partners. They also provide a central resource for literature in the South West region and support the wider literature sector through large scale research and evaluation.

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