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Vassa Zheleznova


Emily Juniper has re-imagined Maxim Gorky’s complex play within the framework of the 1990’s Dockers strikes in Liverpool.  She created this paper performance of the script for Atlantic Press.  Unlike a traditional play script, the book offers itself as a narrative tool and forecast, embracing the intangible nature of writing for stage and exploring the relationship between the written and performed word.

Vassa Zheleznova, in this incantation, contains the play in its entirety and a visual forecast of the narrative using meteorological symbols. Tracing the highs and lows of the stormy path that the eponymous character takes.

The Play, commissioned by award winning London based theatre company The Faction, had its world premier at Southwark Playhouse this year, with the BBC’sPeter Jefferson giving voice to the weather forecasts so integral to the plot.

This publication is map folded, with a mat laminate cover.  It has been lithograph printed on map paper, hand screen printed and hand finished by the artist.

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