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Seacroft by Steve Braund


Presented in the format of a conventional paperback novel Seacroft is a graphic poem; less magic realism, more delusional realism.

When a group of evacuees arrive on the south coast their chaperones, and soon-to-be teachers, are given lodgings at an Art Deco hotel perched high above a beach. Here they encounter Phyllis, an enigmatic young woman who appears to be custodian.


‘Always lovely to see superb graphics of ships, women on mysterious journeys, glam swimming costumes, moody sea watching and jelly fish parachutes.’

Deborah Levy


‘I loved Seacroft, a book, a place, a flickering dream that lives between words and images. I felt as if a new language was coming into being and I was entranced. A lavish helping of seemingly empty space haunts each page and makes it resonant. I was captivated, always wondering what might come next …’

Alyson Hallett


‘A short poem can sometimes out-perform a long novel in its ability to render an intense experience. Steve Braund is a visual poet who has found a style of drawing that generates intense emotion. Its economy and understatement allows our imagination to fill the gaps. We dream his story on our own terms. We are transported.’

Andrzej Klimowski


The Atlantic Press icon for Seacroft was designed by Irene Vidal