“Inside the geometrical moon…light casts fragmented shadows…your mind and body will be absorbed by Licitus” 


Licitus is a spacecraft, hidden in the heart of a mysterious constellation called Sfera. It is to this strange craft that our heroine Arrow travels, driven on by her innate curiosity. There she meets a prisoner who has been trapped by the strange organic and evolving nature of Licitus. What will she discover about herself on the journey? And will she and her new companion escape Licitus?


A graphic novel with a striking visual style, Licitus is the result of intensive research into the traditions of science fiction illustration and film undertaken by author Viktoriya Staykova. The result is a unique book that combines the best of both, a piece of visual poetry that draws comparisons with the iconic ‘Star Gate’ scene from Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey.


Viktoriya Staykova is a Bulgarian designer, artist and author living in Sofia. Licitus was created as part of her MA at Falmouth University in the UK, and was honoured with the Best Graphic Literature award from Atlantic Press.