Among nature’s endless array of forms, functions and designs a series of repeating patterns and similarities have emerged over the eons. Over countless hours spent drawing natural specimens, artist Gemma Anderson has developed an elegant approach to classification based on these forms and symmetries. Isomorphology, as she has termed it, bridges the divide between art and science – offering a new way of looking at the natural world and the unconventional relationships between species. In this visual introduction, Anderson sets out her case with examples from the animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms.

‘Isomorphology’ will be showcased at KALEID 2015 London, one of twenty-five bookworks selected from over two hundred and fifty submissions. A networking event in mid-July will formally launch this year’s KALEID 2015 LONDON collection. Isomorphology will then be represented to public collections, international seminars and book fairs over the next twelve month period.