Cassiopeia: Knee / Monstrous Forum / House of Questions

Jul 06, 2017

Cassiopeia: Knee / Monstrous Forum / House of Questions


Our newest publication ‘Cassiopeia: Knee’ is now available through tictail:

We’re really excited to announce the release of our newest publication: Cassiopeia: Knee, which accompanied the collective’s residency at Guest Projects in Hackney last year.
The book is an abstract comic containing sections of dialogue taken from the ‘Double Talk’ performances which members of Cassiopeia delivered in the space. The visual elements were drawn from the identities of previous gallery exhibitions and performative lectures that the collective have been involved with.

The residency featured several ‘Double Talks’ which involved each member repeating their talk twice, with a different member beside them each time, creating a series of interlocking talks which intersected at various points with one another.
The week ended with a show of visual work  and a ‘suspended brunch’ courtesy of guest artist Alexandra Bildsoe (The Flavour Office).

This year’s Falmouth Illustration Forum on the theme ‘Monstrous’ took place at the end of last month, featuring guest speakers Virginia Mori, Maki Suzuki, Dr, Lauren Elkin, Alyson Hallett (reading Deborah Levy) and Marcelle Hanselaar, as well as Ellie Robinson-Carter, Violeta Noy and Dr. Catrin Morgan. The forum week also featured talks by Katie Jones-Barlow, Phyllida Bluemel, C F Sherratt, Gabriella Beckhurst, Lydia Denno and Matilda Williams, as well as a programme of specially tailored workshops.
It was a very engaging and enjoyable event, with topics ranging from ‘Bathroom as orifice’ to ‘Brad Pitt’, and it was of course exciting to have a specially commissioned piece of work by Man-Booker nominated novelist Deborah Levy.

Following the forum, the Falmouth-based Keiken Collective curated a week of events at the world-renowned Newlyn Art Gallery. The week was titled ‘House of Questions’ and was part of a series of events called ‘Palace of Culture’.
The week included workshops, classes and performances from a whole host of artists and collectives. Cassiopeia delivered a new version of their ‘Speaking Signs’, Alexandra Bildsoe put together a ‘Dinner in the Dark’, Gillian Wilde delivered a performative lecture, there were yoga and meditation classes on offer, students of the MA Illustration: Authorial Practice course at Falmouth university compiled a day of activities as a follow-up to the Forum, Lauren Holt discussed the behaviour of insects and bees and Anna and Lily De Coursey delivered their creative workshop ‘TOO MUCH WORK’.

It was a brilliant week of activities which we were delighted to be part of, and some of our titles were available in the gallery bookshop for the duration.
You can follow Keiken’s work here: and there’s more information about the event on Newlyn Gallery’s website:

Keep an eye out for upcoming projects!

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