Cassiopeia at Guest Projects

Dec 07, 2016

Cassiopeia at Guest Projects



Cassiopeia is a creative collective comprised of Hannah Rae Alton, Irene Vidal Cal, Amy Goodwin, Anne Harild and Catrin Morgan.

We recently attended one of their Double Talk nights at Guest Projects in Hackney. It was a fascinating event and one in a series of interlocking performative research talks.
These talks underline the strong and frequent intersections in the research interests of each member of Cassiopeia, offering the same performance one night in conjunction with a different contrasting performance from another member of the group, which in turn went on to be held up against another member’s input, with compelling results.
Cassiopeia are putting research at the forefront of their artistic practice, and presenting it in new and challenging ways.

Topics of conversation over the course of the talks included cryptography, architecture, torture, mathematics, colour, history and illusion. The residency was completed with a Speaking Signs talk involving all five members of the group, an exhibition and a ‘Suspended Brunch’ in collaboration with The Flavour Office (Alexandra Bildsoe).

Atlantic Press will be running a publication in support of Cassiopeia: Breast. It is an abstract comic bringing together elements of various Cassiopeia identities from previous talks and exhibitions. The comic will be produced as a limited run of only 150. You can order a copy here:

Keep an eye out for further Cassiopeia events here:

…and keep an eye on our Twitter feed for updates on the publication:

love-torture(Image from Cassiopeia: Double Talk)

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