Beautiful Books 2

Jul 06, 2017

Beautiful Books 2


Our current intern Emily Murray was asked to pick three books from our special collection and write a piece about each of them:


“Steeplewind” by C F Sherratt

This book features several small stories which are all mainly centred around the fictional town of Steeplewind and the daily occurrences of its occupants, the book also touches upon issues of a woman’s daily life. However, within the daily lives of the characters the reader is quickly able to recognize that the town of Steeplewind is not as ordinary as previously thought. The use of the greens and blues adds to the idea of a normal, average town. But the occasional pops of brighter and warmer colours like orange and red contrasts this, interrupting the calm scenes of blue and green.  This adds to the idea of something strange and even extra-terrestrial going on. Similarly the use of the illustrations occasionally being drawn in small squares adds an air of mystery to the book, as it only allows for the reader to see small glimpses into the whole story.



“Mosquito” by Dan James

This book is quite unusual and unique due to the fact that it printed using only red ink against a cream page. This is particularly effective as the author often uses the contrasting colours in very interesting and creative ways. The fact that it is also a completely silent, wordless, graphic novel also differs from the norm. As well as this, the art work is often quite different and abstract.  Due to the abstract art and it being a wordless book allows, the reader is often encouraged to interpret many different aspects of the story for themselves.



“Heart of Darkness” by Joseph Conrad, Catherine Anyango and David Zane Mairowitz

This book reinterprets Joseph Conrad’s classic into a graphic novel that explores themes of power, identity. The Monochromatic nature of the book emphasises the darkness and horror of the book. The use of limited dialogue creates mystery and intrigues the reader to want to read on.

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